Featured Brand of The Month: RoyalVisions


I have been getting my hair done by the lovely Joenia Guerrero for 3+ years now. I found her when she was fresh out of beauty school and we instantly clicked. I always knew that Joenia would be very successful at whatever she did, as she was passionate, hard working, and extremely talented.

The two of us had always been big dreamers. While getting my hair done, we would often discuss what we were currently working on and support one another's aspirations. Fast forward 3 years and we both now have successful and growing personal brands here in South Florida. We absolutely love working together and collaborating on creative brand imagery.

Allow me to introduce you to Joenia's brand...RoyalVisions. Joenia wanted to come up with a brand name that not only emulated her modern & stunning visions, but one that stood out. When working with Joenia, I am always conscious of keeping her imagery in line with her brand. Creative, fun, sassy, and confident. She loves to do things outside of the box and she is never afraid of trying something new. 


Q+A: Get to know Joenia + RoyalVisions


{Me} When did you start doing hair & makeup?

{Jo} I started doing hair & makeup professionally in 2010, I was 20 years old.


{Me} What is your favorite thing about being a stylist & makeup artist?

{Jo} My favorite thing about what I do is having a positive influence on people's every day lives; being able to change the way someone feels about themselves through beauty is extremely rewarding.


{Me} Describe your brand in 3 words.

{Jo} Quality. Elegance. Artistic


{Me} What do you feel makes your brand unique?

{Jo} I am a jack of all trades. I can provide my clients with multiple services such as hairstyle, haircut, hair color, makeup, and personal styling.


{Me} What has been your biggest struggle in building your business and how did you overcome it?

{Jo} My biggest struggle in building my business has been learning how to balance work and personal time as well as managing the financial aspects of it. I have overcome these struggles by creating a stricter schedule for myself, allowing set days/time off. I also work closely with a financial adviser and accountant now.


{Me} What is one thing most people do not know about you?

{Jo} One thing most people don't know about me is that although I'm into fashion, hair, and makeup, deep down I am really just one of the guys. I like cars, boxing and watching sports.


{Me} Tell us one professional goal you have.

{Jo} I want to travel the world as a hair educator for a company like Aveda or Pravana, who both stand for more natural ingredients used in hair products which I strongly believe in. I want to give back to others and help passionate stylists accomplish their goals.

To check out Joenia's work, follow her on Instagram: _ROYALVISIONS_

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