Gorgeous South Florida Equestrian Photo Shoot

Now I am not exclusively an Equine Photographer but working with these beautiful horses during a recent sunrise session at Davie's Last Frontier  was a real treat!

My friend Chelsea has been riding since she was eight years old and says it all started back when her Father was in search of ways to do something "girly" with her. Don't be fooled by her beautiful getup, Chelsea is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Before shooting, she prepped her horse for about 30 minutes...removing loose hair & dirt, brushing out the mane & tail, and picking & painting the hooves.

South Florida_Equestrian_Photography_©Adorned Photography

Once complete, we headed into the corral to catch the last of the stunning morning light. It was truly magical...

South Florida_Equestrian_Photography_©Adorned Photography

We decided to explore a bit so we headed down a beautiful palm tree lined trail...

South Florida_Equestrian_Photography_©Adorned Photography

We ended our session in an open field before allowing the horses to cool down and enjoy a few (hard earned) carrots.

Q & A

Me: What is your favorite thing about riding?

Chelsea: It is so tough to name just ONE thing about it, but my absolutely favorite is truly connecting with my horse and being in sync when we gallop.

Me: If you could ride anywhere, where would it be?

Chelsea: I'm trying to ride every island I visit...I've heard Hawaii is amazing!

Me: What is something most people don't know about riding/horses?

Chelsea: Riding is very therapeutic to handicapped children. I have witnessed a handicapped boy light up while riding, as if the horses legs belonged to him.

Check out the behind the scenes shots done by my partner in crime Alex Dumas...